Friday the 13th

Last night’s movie was the original Friday the 13th.  Yesterday May the 9th marked the 37th anniversary of the movie being release!  It’s always been a go to in my collection.  I love older horror movies with Synths and pianos in it. Don’t get me wrong I love a good thought out soundtrack to a movie too, but nothing sets the atmosphere like a synth or piano.


**SPOILER ALERT** – Although Jason’s mom does most of the killing, I love the quick glimpse of Jason at the end.


IT – Oshawa

A few weeks ago I made it down to Port Hope to check out the store fronts and downtown being changed for the filming of Stephen King’s IT. Today I took a road trip to Oshawa.  We had first pulled up to the site but were not able to get in, the security guy told us if we went around the corner we could get a good photo of the house, So around the corner and through the field we went.  Coming up to the house I pulled my Pennywise mask out of my girlfriends purse and one of the crew members allowed me to come right up, he later posed for me to strangle him with my mask on, one of my fav shots.  There were a few other people that came over to have their photo taken with me. Was a fun afternoon!




I’m pretty excited to see the trailer debut today for Rob Zombies “31”  I had been waiting for this since I’ve seen his kick starter for the film.  There were some pretty cool items on it too, I wish I could have donated they even had crosses from House of a 1000 corpses on there, would have been awesome to have that featured in my haunt.  I had read that this film had been edited a few times to give it a “R” rating,  it kept meeting NC-17 which is a level just below porn so not all theaters would show the film.  Torn between wanting to see it in theater and because I love his films and want to support him. I’d also like to see the original directors uncut when that comes out.  The way it should be seen.  Either way I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

You can find the Trailer here


Tuesday is movie release day.  Today Krampus comes out! krampus

    I saw this movie in the theater this past December for my birthday.  Being a long time Krampus fan, it was cool to see it kind of come into the mainstream and get some attention.  The movie was good (aside from the evil gingerbread men)  and had a good twist at the end. I’ll be picking this up on Blue-ray for my collection.

    If you’re unfamiliar with Krampus he is a half-goat half-demon  who is in contrast with Santa Clause punishes children for misbehaving.  I think we should bring Krampus back into the homes rather than the Elf on the shelf!  I’m sure most parents can relate and have lost sleep when forgot to move it. 

The movie had these really neat ornaments I’d love one for my tree. I do have a Krampus figure that sits in the tree but these are pretty cool!


Here’s the Wikipedia link for more Krampus info

Movie Review – Home (2016)

I came across a movie called Home ( this past weekend and thought to give it a go, the trailer looked promising and needed a new scary movie to watch.  I had higher hopes for it since Heather Langenkamp was in it, she had played Nancy Thompson in the 80’s slasher A Nightmare on Elm street.  This movie was slow there wasn’t many jump scares until the end. I can usually rate how good the jump scares are by how loud my girlfriend screams or jumps.  I ended up giving up on the movie half way through and resumed it later on.

I’d give this movie 2.5 out of 5 starshome