43 Days!

Time for an update!

The Time is nearing, October is probably one of my favorite months. We have the fair and thanksgiving and of course HALLOWE’EN! We have pretty much checked off everything on our list with the exception of finishing the candy supply.  We have come up with a few additions from the last post. I’ll mention them below.  Candy donations from Family members have been trickling in and piling up in the dinning room with close to 500 kids last year, donations are greatly appreciated.  If you’re reading this Thank you!

One of our bigger props this year and thanks to Amanda for this for a VERY early birthday present. She showed up to meet me for lunch one day and opened the trunk to her car with orange and black balloons inside, she had went and purchased the 6ft 6inch Werewolf from Home Depot. I had been eyeing this prop over the last few visits there. My youngest son helped me put it together that day when we got home. I was amazed with the quality of the product. It was all steel framed and very sturdy and actually took a power adapter rather than running on batteries.


He is motion activated and moves back and forth, the jaw moves and eyes light up and snarls and howls at the end of his cycle. It’s very cool, he stands in my dining room at the moment next to my computer desk. I often look up at it and think what an awesome prop it is and I can’t wait for all the kids to see it.

LED lighting is underway. I think it’s complete other than the final wiring.  I had originally thought I would make close to 25 spotlights, but after some more thought about it I’ve cut the number down to 12.  Not everything needs to be illuminated. Specific props will be highlighted.   Here is a picture of the final spotlight project


It’s a PVC 1/2″ T the LED is soldered inside to some network cable, that comes out of a hole on the side. Which will run to the two power supplies on each side of the yard.  The idea is with the bottom and back piece I can just insert them into the ground and they will be aimed at the props.

I was sitting on the couch a few weekends back showing the girlfriend some projection videos and what could be done with a 3DFX prop.  Debating on ordering the form from the states, and in fear that if Amanda went to pick up another package and had to pay custom fees again, I’d be in serious trouble or the package would just remain at the post office. We decided to use a mannequin that we had picked up last year, Didn’t really know what to do with it last year other than just dress it up.  So, we placed it on the yard and draped a sheet over it and aimed the projector at it and created an animated ghost on the front lawn, we had wanted to test it out to make sure the massive spot lights I have didn’t flood the effect out.  There is a still from the video below.


Video link to come

There are a few images that will be projected on to the form, I have to still build a box that will look like a tombstone to hide the projector from plain sight. (I’d also like to note if it rains on Halloween, I’ll be PISSED!)

Should have all the tombstone carved out this weekend, and each kid has made their own, so we’ll place them all in the backyard and get them painted and into the basement for deployment in a few weeks.   We usually start setting up after Thanksgiving.  I’m sure they’ll be more updates and pictures as things progress.  There’s also a new Hauntcast episode coming out at the end of the month, So I’m pretty excited for that.


Is it too early to start hoarding materials for this year’s haunt… Only being almost 4 months into the year? 🙂

Last weekend I went out and picked up a big piece of foam, hoping to make some new tombstones. Yes I know it may be early to some, but I it relaxing to put on a pod cast and chip away and paint on one of them.


I also picked up some top pieces for the cemetery fences, I had re done these last year, there’s a post on here about it, and made them a bit stronger and changed the style. Knowing the spring stuff was already at the Dollar store, I thought I’d head over on my lunch and pick up a few pieces.

22220170327_191922Pretty excited that these are black this year! I don’t have to use any spray paint on them. Two more panels to be made. Should bring it up to a total of 7 panels.



Spirit Finds and Prop work Cont’d

Saturday was a road trip day to the nearest Spirit Halloween store, I picked up a few new goodies / additions for the lawn,  One of the things was something I had wanted to make come alive for awhile, was my Electric chair.  It has an electrical box on the side with a throw handle but didn’t really do anything it was just a static prop.  Spirit had this electrical box with a  working throw switch that had live wires that would move make noise and some led lighting. Unfortunate part is it’s plastic, I may move it over to the metal casing after this years haunt but it’ll be a great addition to the prop.  I also grabbed a 3ft Brown collapsible coffin, this is something I’ll set off in a distance or can stand up and not worry about it crushing someone. 🙂   There’s a new wooden coffin coming soon, but I’ll post about that when it arrives hopefully by thanksgiving.


I had thought about purchasing another Skeleton this year,  I have currently 3 Costco pose able Skeletons (Slimm, Slimette and Slimmer,  **Kids named them**) , I had corpse one last year and kept the other two in the same condition they were coming out of the box.  I had some left over PVC and saw a post about making one out of PVC and Zip ties. So I gave it a go. I modified the original plans to not use coat hangers and go with chicken wire for the ribs and instead of using pantyhose I used thin plastic for flesh.  Next is painting but here are some progress pictures.

Lastly some finished stones,  There are still 4 more in progress as I have a fairly large lawn, I’d like them to be more symmetrical this year rather than just randomly placed then it just looks like chaos rather than a graveyard.