Props – Making of…

Skeleton Corpsing

I have a few of these Costco pose able skeletons, three to be exact, My kids had named them Slimm, Slimette and Slimmer. I wanted to change them up a little bit and see what could be done with them.


I found a few variations of quick skeleton corpsing online, various YouTube videos without the use of cotton balls and liquid latex.  This method is used with some dark wood stain, painters plastic and a heat gun.

First I rubbed some stain on the skeleton then lightly brushed it off. Then wrapped him in a few layers of plastics.  Applying heat to it, allow some of the spots to have holes in it kind of creating webbing giving it that decay look.


Once the desired skin texture on the skeleton is achieved. It’s time to add some dark stain to give it the aged skin look.


Once its dry, doesn’t take very long to make the texture pop, I dry brushed the corpse with a yellow paint,  much recommended as it gives it a lot more detail.


Finished Product