Yard Setup This Weekend!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, It’s Hallowe’en time!  I plan on starting to setup the graveyard  this weekend, I’ll likely lose some sleep over the next few days trying to plan it all out in my head, and even more trying to remember whats in the attic and basement. Last year it was organized chaos. This year I hope to line the tombstones up in rows like a real graveyard and plan it out a little better. I tried to stick to my theme this year when creating props and buying things rather than just see something wtih a skull on it and buy it.  I usually start by wrapping my porch in spiderwebs and hanging chains from the inside of the porch, followed by tombstones the cemetery fence and the pillars. The kids really enjoy helping too, but they usually place a few things and then run around the yard with the props, either way i’m glad they’re a part of it and are excited about it as well.  progress pictures will be posted this weekend!

Product Review – AtmosFearFX – MacAbre Manor

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I had the opporuntiy to provide another review for the AtmosFearFX projections.  This year AtmosFear released two Halloween themed projection projects. One is the MacAbre Manor , a family of ghosts to haunt your home. There is a good breakout of projections that can be used in this package, from 3DFX to be projected on to a foam body or torso (AtmosFear sells these) Hollusion, TV and Window. I generally just use the Window ones as my yard haunt is just outside. I like the non-back drop startle one as most trick or treaters are gone within a matter of seconds the window projections are more amusement for the parents.  The Ghosts in this one are blue so this goes well with our theme, and I can blend it in nicely with something like Ghostly Apparitions another product from Atmosfear.  This year, I’ll be adding another projector into the mix and having two windows going at the same time, running different ghosts. One on the main floor by the door and another in the upstairs window. My favorite characters with this release were the little boy and girl ghosts.   I’ve captured a video of my favorite scene below of the kids playing paddy cake and the young boys head starts to spin around.

Video 1   Video 2

You can visit AtmosFearFX MacAbre Manor here

Thanks again AtmosFear for the opportunity and awesome products.

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Thanksgiving weekend is here, this weekend is always a lot of fun where I live, I usually do a big meal and have friends and family over.  (Also a great excuse not to have to go anywhere either!)  Our town does a parade and has a fair that has been going since 1868.  It draws around 60,000 to 70,000 people a year, and for a town of 1,200 that’s a lot!

This weekend also marks my usual free to start decorating for Halloween.  I took down a few things already but have been plugging away at new additions and or repairs heavily this past few weeks.  one thing my house lacked was a plug at the front, I usually had to run extension cords from the back of the house on both sides to the front and was very limited at what I could light up and put out, out there. My father in-law helped me wire up a new plug for the front and I’m pretty excited about it, It will provide power for new props, but also not to run 50+ feet of extension cable ‘potential tripping hazard’ up the sides of my house. There is a catch though, now I have no excuse not to hang up Christmas lights at the front of my house this year, most other years I had an excuse that the cord freezes in the ground and how far the plug was, now I have to deliver.  Either way, MORE POWER! and excited for my haunt season and yard to transform. =D


Spirit Finds and Prop work Cont’d

Saturday was a road trip day to the nearest Spirit Halloween store, I picked up a few new goodies / additions for the lawn,  One of the things was something I had wanted to make come alive for awhile, was my Electric chair.  It has an electrical box on the side with a throw handle but didn’t really do anything it was just a static prop.  Spirit had this electrical box with a  working throw switch that had live wires that would move make noise and some led lighting. Unfortunate part is it’s plastic, I may move it over to the metal casing after this years haunt but it’ll be a great addition to the prop.  I also grabbed a 3ft Brown collapsible coffin, this is something I’ll set off in a distance or can stand up and not worry about it crushing someone. 🙂   There’s a new wooden coffin coming soon, but I’ll post about that when it arrives hopefully by thanksgiving.


I had thought about purchasing another Skeleton this year,  I have currently 3 Costco pose able Skeletons (Slimm, Slimette and Slimmer,  **Kids named them**) , I had corpse one last year and kept the other two in the same condition they were coming out of the box.  I had some left over PVC and saw a post about making one out of PVC and Zip ties. So I gave it a go. I modified the original plans to not use coat hangers and go with chicken wire for the ribs and instead of using pantyhose I used thin plastic for flesh.  Next is painting but here are some progress pictures.

Lastly some finished stones,  There are still 4 more in progress as I have a fairly large lawn, I’d like them to be more symmetrical this year rather than just randomly placed then it just looks like chaos rather than a graveyard.


Props, Props, Props!!

This past week I have been working on my PVC / Cemetery fences, they were destroyed last year in a wind storm, so it was a good time to work on them. I found the frame on them was too flexible so I had changed the outside 1/4″ PVC pipes to 1/2″ PVC pipes to make them more stable. I also changed the tops of the fences from this gothic look to the traditional spade tops.  Pictures below.


Jason was also changed from last year from his orange jumpsuit to regular clothes and I had monster mudded his head to give it that more burnt messed up looking Jason skin on the back of the mask, previously it was just black. It has been dry brushed with two different colors to make the details pop but this picture doesn’t display that.


Now that labor day is behind us, seems all the stores are really rolling out the Halloween stuff now, Dollar stores are fully stocked Wal-Mart is starting.  Not that I really need much from these, the dollar store is always good for plastic chains etc. I plan a trip to Spirit Halloween this weekend on a road trip with the special girls in my life, I’ll be like a kid in a candy store.