62 DAYS!

Crunch time is here, So much to build so little time, I may be spending a few evenings in my workshop with the last few projects on the wraps.  Sorry in advanced Arn Arns!  I lucked out this past weekend when grabbing some more 2″ Foam board they ended up putting an extra piece in the back of the Truck…. Ever see that Ikea commercial… START THE CAR!!!! So I’ll be adding another 6 new tombstones on top of the 3 I’ve already made.  The kids have been wanting to make their own, so 1 of 5 have come up with an idea so far. Yesterday I’ve received my LED lights from Lighthouse LEDs.  I ordered about 40 leds and a few power supplies.  The idea is to aim these at the tombstones to make them pop. I use a few massive blue flood lights and they wash everything out.  So this should look really cool. Atmosphere is everything!  Last year for a few props I had used a dollar store flashlight zip-tied to a tent peg.  It did the trick but ready for the next level.  The idea is to solder the LEDs to some network cable I have kicking around the house since they’re such low voltage. I’ll be gluing them into a 1/2″ PVC T pipe one end for the LEDs one end for the wire and the bottom piece to stake into the ground. I’ll be posting pictures as it comes along.   Yay Haunt Season!



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