Is it too early to start hoarding materials for this year’s haunt… Only being almost 4 months into the year? šŸ™‚

Last weekend I went out and picked up a big piece of foam, hoping to make some new tombstones. Yes I know it may be early to some, but I it relaxing to put on a pod cast and chip away and paint on one of them.


I also picked up some top pieces for the cemetery fences, I had re done these last year, there’s a post on here about it, and made them a bitĀ stronger and changed the style. Knowing the spring stuff was already at the Dollar store, I thought I’d head over on my lunch and pick up a few pieces.

22220170327_191922Pretty excited that these are black this year! I don’t have to use any spray paint on them. Two more panels to be made. Should bring it up to a total of 7 panels.



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