I’m still here!

My apologies for the long gap between posts. With only 225 days till Hallowe’en. I’m beginning to get the prop building itch.  I think I’ll start working on something soon! The other night I had a conversation at the dinner table with one of the kids about what I had planned for this upcoming Hallowe’en. This is one of them that I didn’t think really liked the holiday because they scare so easily, but I could hear the passion in her voice to the attention to detail about how the tombstones should be painted and aged.

One of the things mentioned was to make a some sort of cave dog house for Cerberus, not this will hide the exposed back and fog machine (Which also needs to be replaced since it burnt out last year) and more tombstones in the works.   It was pretty awesome to wake up today and see the podcast app on my phone alerting me there was a new Hauntcast episode available. I was listening to it on my way to work and over the lunch hour. Transworld kicks off this week too, I’ve never been able to make it down there for one, hopefully one year.

Stay tuned for new prop builds coming soon! and remember….. Just be scary!


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