Yard Setup This Weekend!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, It’s Hallowe’en time!  I plan on starting to setup the graveyard  this weekend, I’ll likely lose some sleep over the next few days trying to plan it all out in my head, and even more trying to remember whats in the attic and basement. Last year it was organized chaos. This year I hope to line the tombstones up in rows like a real graveyard and plan it out a little better. I tried to stick to my theme this year when creating props and buying things rather than just see something wtih a skull on it and buy it.  I usually start by wrapping my porch in spiderwebs and hanging chains from the inside of the porch, followed by tombstones the cemetery fence and the pillars. The kids really enjoy helping too, but they usually place a few things and then run around the yard with the props, either way i’m glad they’re a part of it and are excited about it as well.  progress pictures will be posted this weekend!

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