The Conjuring 2


I had the chance to go see The Conjuring 2 in theater this week, I don’t go to the movies often, I get too fidgety and the 40mins of trailers drive me nuts at the beginning.

I thought the first one was a really good scary movie. I was excited to see Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) in it. There were a few good jump scares but I didn’t find it kept you on the edge of your seat as much as the first one.  I was pretty amused watching everyone else around me jump, but I rarely jump watching a movie. Someone had got up and their seat made a noise moving back and forth and the person down to the right of me turns around freaked out “what was that” There was a cool cameo of Annabelle near the end.  I really liked this scary Nun they had in the movie, I thought it’d make a awesome Halloween costume, I tried to convince my girl friend that’s what she should be next year for Hallowe’en but she didn’t look very impressed by the idea. Had its moments but wasn’t what I was expecting. Just your typical haunting / possession film.


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